What is HubEx?

The simplest, most cost effective way to provide employee benefits to staff.

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In today’s market employees are looking for a package that not only rewards them financially but also complements and enhances their work / life balance. HubEx’s objective is to provide companies with access to extensive benefits packages to recognise and reward the dedication of their invaluable employees.

What do we do?

Established in 2009, with a current client database of more than 4,500 companies across Ireland and the UK, HubEx are an Employee Benefits provider based in Ireland.

We have created a solution to answer the needs of organisations that are keen to introduce / expand a range of voluntary or flexible benefits. At HubEx our objective is to assist companies in doing this without applying the inflated pricing or complex requests.

We have employed the latest online technology to make life simple and have created a truly flexible, modular solution that can grow as your needs grow.

Our straightforward approach means that set up is quick and uncomplicated, enabling us to keep costs to a minimum.

Our dedicated and experienced helpdesk team will answer any questions that employees may have, further reducing the investment required by employers.

The platform is a simple, yet powerful online tool, suitable for delivering anything from a single benefits product to a comprehensive flexible benefits package.

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“Bike to Work’s easy-to-use website and a great system have certainly made our working day much easier. In Microsoft, we get a high number of requests for the scheme and the admin- istration required would be enormous if we didn’t have access to such a great system. The people who work there are also very helpful and so easy to work with. – Microsoft”

“Using the new Bike to Work automated online system has made administering the bike scheme in our company so easy for us. We have instant access, receive notifications and have an online record of the status of applications. It has proved to be very efficient for us as well as reducing the paper trail. – Jacobs”