Entice the best staff with a comprehensive benefit package.


Inspire your staff by giving them what they want.


Create a culture be where people want to be.


Let your employees know how much you value them!


We understand the role that great packages play in attracting and retaining great people.

The Hubex Employee Benefit Platforms allow companies to present a range of employee benefits to staff in a flexible, tailor-made, centralised platform. Choose the benefits, complete online forms, upload files and much more, all through a simple admin panel.

Our experience with thousands of clients, including some of the largest companies in Ireland, makes us confident that what we do works.
Every member of our extremely sound team is dedicated to creating the best workplace experience possible.

We help make work something that folk want to be part of!


1 We provide personally branded software that your team can access and choose benefits.

2 Our platform offers flexibility and the opportunity to enable rewards to encourage greatness!

3 We think beyond the norm, and assess what your team really wants and needs. We can help make a real, positive difference to your workplace, and your team’s lives.

WHY Hubex?

Our dedicated team is the backbone of our business. We are a happy workplace and strive to extend this to others!

Empowerment comes from within, with the support of those around you.

Our goal is to help every person within a company to feel needed, wanted, and happy to be part of their own little community! :-)


That’s the ethos of Hubex in a nutshell.

We will give you the tools to attract and retain the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the top talent for your business.
Simply Choose your Portal, Choose your Benefits, and away you go!


Benefit Hub is designed for SME’s, who want an affordable, off the shelf option, while still being able to customise to your team's needs.

You can create a branded home space, where your employees can easily access a range of in built benefits.

Developed with SME's in mind we wanted to create a benefit portal that is affordable and allows companies to offer a range of employee benefits off the shelf.

Quick and easy to implement we can provide a fantastic selection of popular benefits for your employees.

With built in Cycle to Work and Taxsaver schemes, gym, hotel, insurance, legal and shopping discounts there’s something for everyone.

Benefit Hub doesn’t just include employee benefits but the tools you need to manage them:

  • Payroll Reports – full reporting on employee selections.
  • Responsive web application – works on mobile, PC’s and tablets.
  • Support – full support for staff enquiries.
  • Comms – inbuilt communication tool to promote the benefits.
  • Security – our websites are fully secure so no need for you to worry.

Pricing is dependent on the services chosen and the number of staff within the company. Contact us to discuss the best option for your company.

Benefit Hub Plus offers you the opportunity to combine your existing in house or third party benefits with ours.

We offer the opportunity to tailor your benefits to those that your team will engage with.
Provide a localised, community based set of rewards that our neighbourhood teams can help you set up.

If you already offer employee benefits why not combine your internal benefits with ours and offer your staff top class employee benefits in one location.

We will work with you to build a package of benefits that suits your organisation, giving valued choice and flexibility to your employees but without creating burdensome administration. Our customised hub is feature rich, with unlimited benefit choices, making the communication and administration of benefits a rewarding and straight forward process.

When creating Benefit Hub Custom it was important to us to ensure that the end product was:

  • Modular - allowing you to build your own package of benefits.
  • Branded – to help to create that ‘in-house’ feel.
  • Flexible – allowing your benefits provision to grow with your company.
  • Centralised – to make it as easy as possible for staff to avail of what’s on offer.
  • Cost Effective – so the introduction can easily fit in with budgets.

Pricing is dependent on the services chosen and the number of staff within the company. Contact us to discuss the best option for your company.

Flexible benefit schemes are becoming increasingly important in the search and retention of great talent.

We have all learned, with major multinational companies setting up home in Ireland, that employee benefits have become a huge incentive that drives and retains the best people.

With Benefit Hub Flex, you can customise rewards / benefits based on your employee roles. You can also allocate a flex fund to employees to spend as they wish, improving the employee engagement.

An important challenge for companies is developing remuneration strategies which will engage, retain and attract the best talent.

Many employers are recognising that traditional blanket benefit provisions of a basic salary and fixed benefits is unlikely to be the most effective method of meeting the diverse benefit needs of a workforce.

The introduction of a flexible benefit scheme can offer a number of advantages to both the employee and the company:

  • Address the needs of your employees
  • Raise awareness of your benefit package value
  • Support cultural change
  • Manage the cost of your employment
  • Harmonise benefit

To manage this we have created Flex Hub, a total reward and flexible benefits service designed to assist organisations in creating the most suitable, cost-effective and engaging plan for their employees and business.

Pricing is dependent on the services chosen and the number of staff within the company. Contact us to discuss the best option for your company.


Choose from a wide range of benefits to tickle everyone's taste buds. You can pick any combo of flexible, voluntary and salary sacrifice options.

We will be there to help you tailor the benefit portal that perfectly fits your company.

Your Personal Portal will be customised with your own branding and design, so your team is well aware that all the goodies are coming directly from you!

Our dedicated (and extremely sound) customer service team are on hand for any questions.

Trusted by leaders

Established in 2009, with the cycle to work scheme, Hubex now offers
employee benefit solutions to over 5,500 clients of all sizes, across Ireland and the UK.


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