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What do we do?

HubEx are an independent Irish company dedicated to offering the very best in employee benefits and rewards. Our experience with thousands of clients ensures that we continue to offer you the highest levels of service in a user friendly and customer focused way.

The HubEx Employee Benefit Platforms are unique in the Irish Market and allow companies to present a range of employee benefits to staff in a flexible, customised, centralised platform. Employers can brand the platform as required for their company, choose the benefits displayed to staff, link to other Benefit Providers, complete online forms, upload files and much more, all through a simple admin panel.

Most importantly, companies can register for one or all of the schemes and employees can decide themselves what is important and of interest to them and therefore select which services to avail of.

Our mission is to provide extensive employee benefits packages to our clients to increase staff morale and motivation while keeping costs to a minimum.

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Your employees only appreciate 70% of what they actually earn. Show them the true value.

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Choose from a range of benefits with something for everyone.

Communicate Benefits

Let your staff know what great benefits are available to them.

Better Engagement

Communicate better with targeted messages.

The Office

  • Address: Hubex, Bike to Work Ltd, 175 Ivy Exchange, Granby Place, Parnell Square West, Dublin, D01 Y070, Ireland
  • Phone: +353 1 514 3520
  • Email: info@hubex.ie
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm


If you are an employer you can register for Hubex’s services on the employer sign up.

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