Everyone likes a holiday so as part of the HubEx Benefit portal we can provide staff with free access to Hotel discounts to over 350,000 hotels around the world, with savings of up to 60%.

HubEx can provide a fully branded online company travel portal to allow your staff take advantage of the hotel discounts on offer.
The portal can also be expanded to manage company travel. The travel portal automates the booking process thereby removing the administration of dealing with multiple hotels, saving you time and money.
For the company it means no more administration with different hotel operators or wasting valuable company time doing unnecessary paperwork. The HubEx online system means less paperwork for you as all company bookings are made over the web.

Why offer a Hotel Discount scheme?

Huge savings on employee travel costs.
Free scheme implementation for employers.

  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Offers a highly valued benefit to employees.

Employee Benefits

  • Discounted Hotels
  • Fantastic choice

Employer Benefits

  • No administration
  • No cost
  • Enhances benefit packages
  • Reduced Corporate travel cost

Other benefits:

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a form of health insurance designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental care.


An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a set of professional services specifically designed to support staff and improve wellness and healthy functioning.


Eyecare ensures you are covered for any glasses or contact lenses you require for using VDU's at work


FitHub provides you with corporate annual membership rates on over 150 gyms and fitness classes all over Ireland.

Flu Jabs

Protect yourself against the flu this winter. You can get the flu vaccination paid in full.

Gym Flex

Get your Gym membership and fitness classes paid through salary sacrifice each month. Payable over 12 months.

Health Assessment

Health screening is a proactive approach to your own personal wellbeing or the wellbeing of your employees.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is used to pay for private care in hospital or from various health professionals in hospitals or in their practices.

Fully Automated Online
Application Process

  • Secure web portal, self service for employees.
  • No administration for employers.
  • Ireland’s number one provider.

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