About Us

HubEx first opened in 2009 in response to the Government introduction of the Cycle to Work Scheme, with the objective of delivering simple but effective online solutions to employers across Ireland. Now with over 4,500 clients, HubEx provides an enviable range of employee benefit services to employers of all sizes and across a range of sectors in Ireland and the UK.


What do we do?

HubEx are an independent Irish company dedicated to offering the very best in employee benefits and rewards.  Our experience with thousands of clients ensures that we continue to offer you the highest levels of service in a user friendly and customer focused way.

The HubEx Employee Benefit Platform is a unique product in the Irish Market and allows companies to present a range of employee benefits to staff in a flexible, customised, centralised platform. Employers can brand the platform as required for their company, choose the benefits displayed to staff, link to other Benefit Providers, complete online forms, upload files and much more, all through a simple admin panel.

If required, HubEx can also provide the following additional benefits as part of the platform, if employers wish to do so:


- Bike to Work (www.biketowork.ie) – Cycle to Work Scheme Administration Service

- TravelHub (www.travelhub.ie)- Tax Saver Ticket Administration Service

- DealHub (www.dealhub.ie)- Employee Discounts on everyday items

- FitHub (www.fithub.ie)- Employee Discounts on Corporate Gym Memberships

Most importantly, companies can register for one or all of the schemes and employees can decide themselves what is important and of interest to them and therefore select which services to avail of.

Our mission is to provide extensive employee benefits packages to our clients to increase staff morale and motivation while keeping costs to a minimum.


Who should use HubEx?

The services available through HubEx will be of interest to any business of any size that wishes to boost morale, improve engagement and incentivise and reward employees. At HubEx we manage platforms for employers in many different sectors of all sizes. Since the platform is fully customisable it can be tailored to suit all organisations.


HubEx will work with you to design and build a benefits package that suits you. We can incorporate your existing benefits, provide additional benefits and give you a centralized platform offering staff the best possible choice with the least possible administration.