PRSA's are pension contracts between you and the PRSA provider.

PRSA's make it easier to save for retirement as they offer value for money, flexibility and convenience. If your employment status changes or you move to a new job you may be able to bring your PRSA with you. By making pension contributions via salary sacrifice you will make significant Income tax savings of up to 41% .

Access to a Pension Scheme is an important and valuable part of a package of benefits that HubEx can provide for you. Through your salary you can make contributions to your PRSA in a more efficient way, effectively saving you money now as well as helping towards a more comfortable retirement.

Other benefits:

Cycle to Work Scheme

Buy a bike tax-free and save up to 52% off the retail price.

Taxsaver Ticket Scheme

The Travel Pass scheme allows you to get tax-free public transport tickets for your commute to work.


FitHub provides you with corporate annual membership rates on over 150 gyms and fitness classes all over Ireland.

Dental Insurance

Comprehensive dental insurance products encourage regular dental visits.

Gym Flex

Get your Gym membership and fitness classes paid through salary sacrifice each month. Payable over 12 months.

The average refund with is €1,880. Find out how much tax you are due back now!

Fleet Bikes

Fleet bikes are bikes leased by the employer for employee usage during work hours. Save on taxi fares and company cars by offering a range of e-bikes for employees.

Bike To Work - Try before you buy

Try a brand new bike for a full week for a small nominal fee of €50. (this fee covers delivery, collection and maintenance of the bikes)

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