offers a financial wellbeing service where employers can partner with them to offer their full tax review and tax refund services to their employees. It’s an initiative that will help you to support your employee’s financial wellbeing. are on a mission to help employers support the financial wellbeing of their employees. are offering a service where they partner with employers to offer their full tax review and tax refund services to their employees.

The team of tax experts at will complete your employee’s tax return to ensure they are 100% tax compliant and claiming the maximum tax refund they are entitled to.

According to a survey, 2/3 of Irish taxpayers do not claim the tax reliefs and refunds they are owed. So,’s aim is to see more people take an interest in, and control over, their tax affairs for their own financial benefit.

Benefits your employee will receive when you partner with

  • A virtual tax webinar customized for your employees’ needs
  • Expert advice on claiming available expenses and due credits
  • Individual tax filing assessments and a complete tax review
  • A dedicated account manager to handle all tax queries


Why include a Financial Wellbeing Service in your employee wellbeing program?

  • To promote the importance of financial wellbeing among your employees
  • Empower your employees with the knowledge to gain and enhance their financial wellness
  • Help your employees to take control over their tax affairs for their own financial benefit
  • Assists employers in terms of employee retention, recruitment and morale

Other benefits:

Lifetime Financial Planning

Protect Your Family & Income. Plan For Your Retirement. Build A Plan To Secure Your Future.


Supporting you through the mortgage process with NFP Mortgage Consultants.

Retirement and Life Planning

Helping you achieve a secure and rewarding retirement.

Holiday Buy

Buy or sell annual holidays throughout the year to give your staff the flexibility they want.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Buy a bike tax-free and save up to 52% off the retail price.

Cargo and EBikes

Want to try before you buy? We get it. Take the Sona Shuttle for a test ride to make sure it's right for you.

Kinto Join Car Pooling

Car pooling is a corporate commuting solution that revolutionises the way you travel to work.

Taxsaver Ticket Scheme

The Travel Pass scheme allows you to get tax-free public transport tickets for your commute to work.

Fully Automated Online
Application Process

  • Secure web portal, self service for employees.
  • No administration for employers.
  • Ireland’s number one provider.

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