As an Employee Benefits solution, in addition to the HubEx Employee Benefit Platform, all the employee benefits below are available separately if requested.

Bike To Work

Bike to work admin screen Bike to Work was established in 2009 in response to the Cycle to Work initiative from the government, which was designed to encourage commuters out of their cars and onto bicycles to improve fitness, to improve the environment and to save money. The details of the scheme stipulated that bikes must be purchased through employers with the employer either bearing the full cost of the bike or by way of a salary sacrifice agreement where the bike is paid for over 12 months. The scheme was welcomed by employees but in some ways dreaded by employers as they envisaged huge amounts of administration involved for the large volumes of staff who were interested.

Using Bike to Work, companies are provided with a fully automated online application system so employers do not need to get involved in the day to day running of the scheme. Both employers and employees save money through the scheme and it’s free – it really is that good! Bike to Work Ltd now administer the scheme for more than 3,000 companies and have developed relationships with almost every bike shop in the country to provide the maximum choice for your staff. Full details on the scheme are available at

You can sign up for the scheme today on the Bike to Work Registration Page


Travelhub admin screen TravelHub is a unique product, the first of its kind in Ireland and as a result of our experience with both employers and employees and their commuting requirements, increasing fuel prices, ticket prices and reductions in employees disposable income. TravelHub facilitates the purchase of Taxsaver Bus, Rail, Luas and Private Operator tickets, and a whole range of other options like Car Pooling, Taxi and Car Hire.

Once a company registers on the site, TravelHub sets up a dedicated branded company website where your staff can make their own applications for tickets and bikes or just browse for information. This removes the need for your company to deal with each vendor individually and removes the time consuming task of applying for tickets. TravelHub provides access to Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, Bus Eireann, Luas and Private Coach Operators as well as Taxi firms, Car rental and a host of other travel benefits. Like Bike to Work, access to a tailor made TravelHub microsite is also available to companies free of charge upon registration.

Registration can be completed on the TravelHub website..



FitHub Screenshot

FitHub is our most recent addition and provides clients and their employees with access to a wide range of discounted corporate memberships from Gyms, Fitness Centres and Bootcamps across Ireland.

Employees are provided with access to a FitHub microsite which is updated regularly with new offers and simply purchase a voucher for membership online if they see something they like. Employers are not required to process the payments for the memberships through payroll so providing access to the benefit will not require any additional resources, there is no administration involved.

The benefit of offering access to the FitHub site is that it does not restrict employees to memberships in clubs, which have been arranged by the employer. FitHub widens the choice and therefore may attract more employees.

You can find out more or register by visiting the website today.

Benefits for Employers

Increased staff motivation

Show employees that you understand their financial constraints and provide access to substantial savings. When faced with the demands of family, community, school and ever-longer commutes, more and more workers are seeking flexible options. Recognise this and motivate them by providing access to HubEx.

Less expensive voluntary scheme

Once access is provided to employees there are no additional costs to the company. This can prove less expensive than corporate benefit schemes, which can prove prohibitively expensive. You can also take advantage of our limited offer and register for the schemes today for free!

Access to analytics

We can provide you with access to information and statistics on the usage of your employees just to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of what’s on offer.

Improve staff absenteeism and lateness

Employers generally report a reduction in lateness and absenteeism for employees with access to travel programs such as This is attributed to the employees’ ability to commute in a variety of ways that suit themselves.

Improve staff health, fitness and morale

A healthier, fitter workforce means better performance at work and fewer sick days being taken. Furthermore, the employer is seen to be concerned about employees welfare. The Scheme also offers a tangible benefit to staff in addition to the basic salary package.

Improving your company’s environmental image

Encouraging cycling to work and the use of public transport reduces your company’s carbon footprint and shows that you have a keen interest in the well-being of the local community and environment. This will improve the company’s corporate image and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Company Visits

We are more than happy to visit your company to discuss the options available in more detail. We can also organise to visit the company once registered to explain to employees how it all works. These days are free of charge and ensure that your employees get the most out of the scheme.

Benefits for Employees

Save money

Using the services offered by HubEx employees can save up to 52% on the cost of bicycles and commuter tickets and up to €1,250 per annum on every day items. Irish people annually spend more on transportation than they do on food and clothing combined, and the daily commute can be the largest part of the drive. By sharing the ride, using public transport or staying out of a car by walking or bicycling, workers arrive on time, less stressed and with more money in their pockets.

Get active and keep fit

We are reminded every day of the importance of keeping fit. By using Bike to Work to purchase a bike and all of the necessary safety equipment and using TravelHub to check commuter routes and the weather you can get out of your car and in to the fresh air and stay active.

Regular Newsletters & updates

Whether you have signed up to one or all of the available services we will keep in touch with a regular newsletter detailing all of the news and events ensuring that you get the most from the schemes.

Dedicated Employee Helpdesk

Whatever your query we have a dedicated customer service team on hand to guide you. Our clients can telephone the office Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and speak directly to a member of our team.

Extensive Retail Partners

Across the available services we ensure that our partners are available nationwide or online and in many different categories so as to guarantee that there is something on offer for everyone.

Reduced lateness and absenteeism

Whether you start cycling to work or using TravelHub to check traffic updates or alternative modes of transport, users of similar travel programmes have reported a reduction in lateness and absenteeism. This is attributed to the employees’ ability to commute in a variety of ways that suit themselves.