Did you know that in 2011, according to IBEC, Absenteeism cost businesses in Ireland €1.5 billion. It is also said that people who lead an active lifestyle outperform their less active colleagues and employees who regularly exercise work at full efficiency all day, increasing their productivity by 12.5%! To save you money, we have introduced FitHub, a unique web platform which provides staff with access to a huge range of discounted corporate memberships to keep them fit and active.


FitHub is a completely unique concept in Ireland and provides an excellent choice of Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Classes to employees of client companies who register for access to the innovative portal. Employees are free to choose from any of the partners listed and will not be restricted to memberships with Gyms and Clubs near to their place of employment, they may opt to join somewhere closer to home. Not only that but they can expect to save between 10% and 20% on standard membership rates.


By encouraging your staff to get active and stay fit and healthy, whether through the promotion of the Cycle to Work Scheme or the discounted memberships from our partner suppliers, you can reduce the costs of Absenteeism and also benefit from a fitter, happier workforce.


Why not set up a microsite for your staff now. You can view a sample site here: