HR Services

Policy Compliance

Practical advice on HR Policy compliance:

As an employer, are you aware of what HR policies you are legally required to have and what HR policies are not mandatory? One of our team can do a quick and practical review on the current status of your HR Policies and make recommendations on how culturally you would like your policies to look.

Types of contracts available to your business: 

When recruiting new employees, employers need to understand the various types of contracts that can be utilised depending on the recruitment need. Fixed term, temporary, specified purpose, zero hours contracts can be considered and tailored to your needs thus protecting your employer rights.

Employee Handbooks:

Whether it’s an existing employee handbook that is now out of date or looking to develop a new handbook for employees, we can tailor the content to ensure employees are aware of the various policies, rules, benefits, etc. while as an employer you are comfortable that your handbook is compliant and up to date.



Employee Performance

How to deal with poor performance:

Poor employee performance is one of the most costly parts to any business and can be very difficult to measure when one considers the indirect cost of mistakes, missing deadlines, etc. and also the amount of man hours it can take to try and address the issue. Our HR Specialists can work with you to understand your particular issue and tailor a strategy to improve performance.

Performance Management/Appraisal Systems:

Companies of any size should have some type of performance appraisal system in place that is linked to your business performance and contributes to your bottom line. A tailored, simple and practical model can be designed to suit your organisation needs creating a shift in overall employee performance which will have a direct impact on your company success.

Absence/Attendance Management:

People do get sick, however employees are contracted to attend work. How are you currently dealing with absence? What does your policy say? Does it clearly outline your Attendance Management Process? Absence from work can be a significant cost for employers and it can have a double affect if you need replacement staff. We can review your current approach to absence and design a tailored solution to your needs to drive down the cost of absence to your business.

Coaching line managers for employee performance improvement:

Are your line managers, supervisors skilled in coaching for performance? Effective coaching enables the employee to own the issue rather the manager/supervisor. Our HR Specialists can walk you through the steps needed for potential difficult performance discussions. This service can be provided over the phone where the manager/supervisor has someone to contact and be coached and prepped before the performance meeting takes place.



HR Strategy Advice:

Developing a Strategy:

We have worked with organisations of all sizes helping them to develop a strategy/vision for their future. A lot of the support we provide is helping you figure out your thoughts and ideas for your business while setting the outcomes into a practical template for you to use going forward. Organisations with a people strategy are more likely to succeed as they will have identified both the opportunities and risks for the business in the future.

Employee Engagement:

How do you engage with your employees? What makes employees feel engaged? We can work with you to tailor an engagement strategy that fits with your business. Remember – an engaged employee is a motivated employee; a motivated employee is more productive and contributes more to the success of your business.

Team Building:

Are you setting up a new team or are you expanding an existing one? Are you Storming, Forming, Norming – the destination for any team is Performing. What team dynamics do you want in place? We can work with you to develop the specific behaviours, responsibilities and expectations in order for your teams to perform effectively.

Recruitment Planning:

Are you expanding or in a growth period? Our specialty is working with organisations to help them figure out the correct headcount that is required for your business. We help you consider your current employee headcount and to be creative around what new roles are needed to drive your business forward. The key is to get new employees with skills that can flex up and down depending on requirements. Building the correct role profile is key to achieving this.

Succession planning:

Have you given any thought to who will fill your shoes in the future or who is capable of stepping up into other future positions? Effective succession planning is a key way of de-risking your business ensuring that you have the future talent pipeline to ensure your business runs smoothly.



Disciplinary Issues:

Dealing with disciplinary issues:

From time to time, a company has to deal with a disciplinary issue. Regardless of the issue, the weight of responsibility is on the employer to ensure it is handled properly. We specialise in assisting companies in handling disciplinary issue ensuring the laws of natural justice are applied in parallel to how culturally your business handles disciplinary issues. Dealing with disciplinary issues is hugely time consuming for your business – let us help you make more efficient use of that time.

Handling informal/formal grievances:

From time to time employees may raise a grievance regarding an aspect of their employment with you. Our approach in helping businesses is to try and resolve the matter informally wherever possible. There are times where the grievance can develop into a formal process which can be complex and very time consuming. Where this is the case, the best option always is for an impartial, objective and qualified person to investigate the grievance. Our HR Specialists can provide this service for you.

Employee Relations issues (non-unionised):

Many businesses operate a direct-relationship model with their employees where there is no union representation. The key to maintaining this environment is to ensure that key HR strategies are in place. Where issues do arise, we provide an expert employee relations service where we will help maintain your cultural environment while working through the relevant issue, be it performance, disciplinary, attendance, etc.

Industrial Relations issues (unionised):

Businesses that operate within unionised environments must ensure they have the proper structures in place to deal with any potential issues. We provide an expert industrial relations service where we will help maintain your cultural environment while working through the relevant issue, be it performance, disciplinary, attendance, etc.

Conflict Resolution/Mediation:

From time to time there can be a breakdown in the working relationship between people. When this happens it can be a very sensitive time for all parties concerned. The purpose of any conflict resolution/mediation process is to get all parties back working in a positive environment as quickly as possible. Do you feel qualified to handle such instances? We can provide a confidential conflict resolution / mediation service for your business where we will help maintain your cultural environment while working through the relevant issue.




Practical employment law advice:

We provide organisations advice on how to apply employment law within their work environments. The key part of this service is the interpretation of the law within your working cultural environment. Being pro-active rather than re-active on getting employment law advice saves a lot of time and effort further down the road when as issue has become complex and entrenched .

Your rights as an employer:

Many organisations are slow to take action with poor performance, persistent absence, disciplinary procedures, etc. as they do not know their own rights in relation to a particular issue. We can provide you with guidance on what you are entitled to do and also can highlight the risks and opportunities to any HR initiative you are proposing to implement.

Third Party referrals/disputes:

In the majority of third party referrals the onus is on the employer to prove that they did not contribute to or were responsible for any relative issue. From time to time internal company disputes are not resolved and may be referred to an external body such as a Rights Commissioner. Our aim when working with any company on an internal issue is to avoid a third party referral. Where there is no alternative but to refer externally, we can provide you with the service required for preparing your case.